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Procedures for Extended Shut Down of Your Equipment

Extended Downtime Preparations​

Schools nationwide are preparing for remote eLearning. The equipment used daily at those schools will be sitting idle until physical classes resume in the building. It’s important to take the correct steps to ensure your equipment is properly shut down.

Much of the equipment we sell does not need preparation for extended downtime. Lasers, for example, or any of our milling machines only need to be left alone. See below for resource links to shut down procedures of each of our systems.

3D Printers

FDM printers (Makerbots, uPrint, Dimension, Mojo, and F123 systems) only need the material unloaded and stored. At worst you might have to replace any exposed spools. F120, Dimension, and Mojo printers won’t even have that issue. Their material is in sealed cartridges. Dimension and F120 printers should be unloaded and have the exposed material discarded before putting them back in service.

Roland Printers

Roland inkjet printers, and polyjet 3D printers require some preparation for extended downtime. SG, VG, BN-20 and LEF or LEF2 printers can be prepared by the operators. SG2 and VG2 printers require a service visit. If you can’t get into your site, the Roland printers should be OK for a month or two as long as main power is on and the drain bottle isn’t full. We can deal with any dropouts with a thorough cleaning and service checkup when your site reopens.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns

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Makerbot SKETCH

Introducing New Solutions From Makerbot

Paton Group is excited to offer new solutions from MakerBot. Introducing the MakerBot SKETCH Classroom. The SKETCH is the most reliable classroom 3D printer available. It gives your students the resources they need to set your classroom up for success.

With the SKETCH Classroom you can:

  • Maximize Student Access: Increased classroom engagement without slowing down the learning process. Multiple printers boost student growth and exposure. NIOSH-tested classroom safe materials.
  • Lower the curriculum-planning barrier: Access 600+ lesson plans across various grade levels and subjects. Join the latest 3D printing community of educators. Curated lesson plans created by MakerBot Certified Educators.
  • Develop professionally, gain confidence: ISTE-certified 3D printer training for both teachers and students. 3D printing-integrated curriculum training for teachers with applicable PD credit. Real-world, problem-solving training through design thinking and 3D printing.
  • Seamless Classroom Management: MakerBot Cloud Integration. Manage students projects with a cloud-based print queue. Print from TinkerCAD integration. Industry leading support.

Get started with two printers and get to printing in your classroom faster. Your MakerBot SKETCH box includes:

  • 2 MakerBot SKETCH desktop 3D printers
  • 2 teacher certification licenses
  • 10 student certification licenses
  • 4 extruders
  • 6 PLA spools
  • 4 flex build plates
  • First year of MakerBot Cloud software
  • 2 spatulas
  • 2 snips
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Paton Group Now an H2I Group Company

H2I Group, a Minneapolis-based nation-wide supplier of interior solutions, acquired Paton Group in November of 2019. H2I Group acquired all Paton Group assets, people, and customer contracts, and the merged business operates under the H2I Group brand.

H2I Group’s Technical Products division is a full-service supplier of products and solutions, including 3D printing, STEM/STEAM and FabLabs, laser engraving, modular labs, CNC machining, electronics, large format printing, Industry 4.0 solutions, and robotics for the K-12, higher education, and industrial markets. H2I Group is focused on collaboration and support of education leaders in creating excellent Career and Technical Education Programs within high performance primary and secondary learning environments.

H2I Group, Technical Products General Manager, Nathan Thiesfeld says the acquisition will further support H2I’s vision to be recognized as the national leader in employee ownership by creating sustained client, employee, and company success. Nathan says, “We are so excited to partner with the Paton Group, as an employee owned company our mission is to create an exceptional client experience and this team enhances that with their customer service in the western United States. We look forward to growing and expanding our technical product solutions and support in the west.”
H2I Group’s acquisition of Paton Group supports the company’ s continued focus on increased client support and broad diversification of solutions nationally. The H2I team ensures educators are equipped, trained and supported with their specific program requirements. The merger will expand these service solutions to the West Coast.

Both H2I Group and Paton Group say the partnership will benefit not only the employees, but also their customers. Frank Paton, Division Manager of Paton Group says, “We could not have chosen a better company to team up than H2I. Our team has been associated with H2I Group’s Education Technology team over the past 10 years. We have personally witnessed their emphasis of customer service and support. We believe our merger and partnership is a win-win situation for all parties: our valued clients and the Paton/H2I team moving forward. We are very excited!”

Paton Group Sales Manager, Chris Miller says, “We are absolutely delighted about the acquisition, H2I Group has been a trusted strategic partner for years. The synergy & customer focused leadership from this acquisition will continue to allow us to offer the best technology in the industry and services to our customers”.

One of the H2I Group’s Division and Paton Group’s largest manufacturers is Stratasys, a leading company in 3D Printing solutions. National Education Manager at Stratasys, Jesse Roitenberg, thinks the acquisition is a great fit for all involved, “Stratasys is extremely excited about this acquisition. Two of our top educational partners will thrive as they both set themselves apart with their customer first actions and high character employees. Their synergies will allow them to leap forward and support clients from the Midwest to the West Coast.

H2I collaborates with clients, designers, and builders to provide total facility solutions. Total facility solutions means combining advanced design, innovative products, connected systems, and field services to meet clients’ specific requirements and vision. The H2I clientele includes contractors, architects, healthcare facilities, schools, colleges, and universities. H2I Group provides design, sales, and service of: laboratory solutions and equipment, athletic flooring, prefabricated interior construction systems, and technical education equipment and curriculum.

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